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Product Details

The CGLide system is a management and control unit for measuring data (temperatures, contacts, technical defaults, humidity, pressure etc. …).


General description:

The CGLide system is a central control unit for the acquisition and autonomous control of recorded data, which is saved automatically and permanently according to instructions of the French hygiene guidelines for each step in food production processes. The CGLide system can manage and control various environmental parameters (in most cases temperatures, but also humidity, pressure, etc. …) as well as other technical data (opening and closing of refrigeration chamber doors, technical equipment defaults, etc. …).

The CGLide system can control the cold chain as well as hot food production processes. The CGLide management system works together with the TRAÇALide Expert traceability system to track batches of ingredients or products with mobile bar code readers.

Key features

  • Automatic and permanent control of temperatures and other data:

– Temperature control of the cold chain

– Temperature control of cool-down periods (e.g. in cook/chill systems), of cooking processes and of packaging

– Temperature control of water used for cleaning and rinsing

Control of technical faults (e.g. in cooling chambers)

Control of door openings and closings

Follow-up of deliveries

Follow-up of decentralized production sites

  • Saving and exploitation of recorded data on computer network or on PC
  • Automatic alarm alerts when levels exceed predefined settings