The iMINILog software dosen’t show temperature curves

  • Check that the iMINILide shows the right date and time.
  • Check the column “last access”. If an old date is specified, your software iMINILog will no longer be able to reach the iMINILide over the network. See previous section. (IP address verification)
  • For optimal use of your software iMINILog, we recommend that you leave it running permanently. This way it is possible to consult the measurement curves in real time.
  • The i-MINILog software works as a measurement download in the iMINILide. If you haven’t opened the software iMINILog for some time, it will take time for the software to download all the measurements of the iMINILide.
  • You can force the download of the iMINILog software by right-clicking on the iMINILide line. Then click on « Force download of records on a period ».

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