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Generic questions

What is the i-MINILide range of products and the options ?

Each iMinilide has the same functionalities but with different numbers of channels.
There are seven different products :
1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 16 or 32 input for temperature sensors or contact or analog current (4-20 mA)

Possible options :
Kit for 4-20 mA (kit for8 inputs)
Kit for 2 extra alarms output
Network printer with the software key for printer fonctionnality.
Alarm Pack : Alarm dialer with sevure power supply.

How long have you sold this product ?

The range 1,2 and 3 inputs has been sold since March 2013.

The full range has been available since March 2014.

On which operating systems can we install and use iMinilog software ?

You can install it only on Windows operating system. We confirm all features for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

With other operating system like mac you can use only the web page and the internet web site access but not iminilog software.

Can we set up iMinilog program on few computers, or must we buy additional licences ?

In fact, the licence is attached to the data-logger, and not to a computer. Then, iMinilide program permits to manage only iMinilide that are licenced.

Example :
– iMinilide data logger is connected to the local network in manager’s office
– iMinilog program can be installed on manager’s PC
– iMinilog can also be used on the computer of the maintenance responsible person
– iMinilog can be used the chef on his own computer in the production area
– …

Is that possible to configure i-Minilide parameters from a computer without using iMinilog software ?


It’s possible to reach data logger with a web browser program (Internet Explorer or Firefox for exemple). You just have to enter IP adress of the device in the adress field. So you should see the instantanéous temperature values. You can also set every parameters : general, channels, network and emails.

Wiring and probes

Is that possible to extend the cable of the i-MINILide temperature sensors?


PT100 sensors work with 4 wires. That means the length of the cable has no effect on the measure. Tests have been carried out up to 200 meters, and results are consistent.

In order to filter external electromagnetic disturbance which could cause bad measures, we advise to use a cable with a braid shiel. The common reference is LIYCY4*0.34mm².

The shiel of the original sensor cable must be connected to the shield of the extended cable.

How to connect a probe of 2 wires or 3 wires?

It is necessary to connect bridges on channel terminals.


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Caution : The two wires cable should not be too long, in which case the value retrieved by the probe may be displaced because of the resistance and because of the cable length.

Are there any wireless probes for the i-MINILide?

No, currently, there is no wireless probes for the i-MINILide recorders.

The wireless sensors are probes that are connected to a high frequency transmitter, allowing a recorder to retrieve measurements without having to wire the sensors.

However, Microlide is under analysis and development on wireless sensors. The availability of these probes is not expected before 2016.

Temperature range

The range of recordable temperature is -100°C to 300°C. The unit is degree celcius.

How can we test a temperature sensor Minicpt ?

The Minicpt sensors are PT100 with 4 wires shielded : 2 red wires, 2 white wires and 1 yellow-green wire that is the cable shield connection

To test a sensor, you have to use a multimeter in ohmmeter position.

At the time of the test, the sensor must not be connected to the measuring channel.

Measure between two white wires : you have to get a few ohms value in your measuring device ( 2 or 3 ohms depending on the cable length)

Measure between two red wires : you have to get a few ohms value in your measuring device ( 2 or 3 ohms depending on the cable length)

Measure between a white wire and a red wire : you should get around 100 ohms ( depending on the temperature)

For information : 100 ohms at 0°C , 108ohms at 20°C , 92 ohms at -20°C

Is it possible to record other measures than temperatures and contacts ?

With the 4-20mA kit, you can adapt every sensor that has a 4-20mA output ( pressure, humidity..), and connect it on i-Minilide channel.
Then, you set up the measure range ( 0 – 100 % for humidity or 0 – 30 ambiance bar for pressure…)

Which sensors can be connected to the datalogger ?

Temperature : Sensors are platinium resistor RTD : PT100 with 4 wires. You can connect them directly to the iMinilide. We use four wires for the calibration. With 4 wires you can extend the sensor with 10 meters or 100 meters of cable and you have the same measure. The length of the cable has no effect on the value.

Contact : Voltage free contacts open or closed. You can set the level for the alarm and for the display string.

Other : 4-20mA input. With the Kit 4-20mA, you can connect all sensors which use this output on the market like humidity level or pressure. The iMinilide may supply power or not the sensor with a 24V Dc internal power supply.

Which is the maximum cable length for sensor and which type of cable can be use ?

There is no maximum length for temperature sensor cable but we have done tests and validate for 200 meters length.

The cable to extend : 4 wires 0.34mm² with a complete shield : Braid shield is better than aluminium mylar shield. We recommend braid shield.
Cable example : LIYCY 4*0.34 mm²

You can connect 2 or 3 wires sensors but you lose the calibration. It’s necessary to make a new calibration after installing your iMinilide.

Computer network and internet


Does the customer need particular IT skills to configure network parameters in the datalogger ?

i-Minilide works in DHCP mode, i.e. the IP parameters are automatically assigned by the local server. As soon as the data-logger is connected to a ethernet socket, it is integrated into the local network, like a PC for exemple.

However, it’s also possible to set up manually IP adress. In this case, you must contact the IT manager to demand following information :
• a dedicated IP adress for the iMinilide recorder
• the netmask adress
• Gateway adress
• DNS adress

Then, you just have to enter these parameters in the tab <setting><network>

Is there a backup battery ? How long can the battery maintain the product in use ?

There is an internal back-up battery which can keep the product functioning without mains power 6 hours for iminilide 1, 2 or 3 inputs and 12 hours for the others.

What is the power supply voltage of the device ?

Power supply voltage is standard 220 V with 22W consumption.

How many measures can be stored on the datalogger and what is the interval between two measures ?

Measures are stored every minutes for a minimum of one year in the internal memory (exactly : Always last 400 days are store and stored in the memory).

Beyond this period, oldest measures are progressively erased.

Can we change the measurement recording period of an i-MINILide datalogger ?


The i-MINILide recorders update temperature values every seconds on screen. The recording of temperature values is made every minutes.

These two periods are not configurable.

When the power supply and back-up battery are off, are the measures and setup saved or lost ?

You don’t lose anything : all data is saved in flash memory.

Data is stored like in a hard drive.


Can we delete unused channels ?


A i-MINILide recorder is physically defined by its number of channels.

You can’t change the physical configuration of a device.

So, all measurement channels appear automatically on the screen, even those on which no sensor is connected.


What about the alarm output

How many outputs are there on the i-Minilide ?

There is one 1A relay output on the i-Minilide. You can add two others with the specific kit.
You can set each input independently. If you validate the alarm functionality for an input, the internal relay is validate.

You can choose the level of the alarm output : Open or close relay (the same way for each input).
When you add the output kit : You can select for each channel wich relay is available for the alarm : Relay 1, 2 or both.

Can you have an automatic phone call when the alarm goes off?


With the alarm pack. In this pack, there is a power supply with back-up battery and an alarm dialer. The alarm dialer must be connected to an analogic phone line.

Can you receive an automatic e-mail when the alarm starts ?


You can set 4 e-mail adresses. If you validate an alarm with e-mail on a channel, all the nominated adresses receive an alarm notification.

You can’t send an e-mail for an input and other for an other input. But in the e-mail you will receive an array with all sensor value on.


Why all temperatures are shifted for more than 10 degrees?

• Are offset parameters correctly configured ?
• Are there an incorrectly wired probe ?

For example, red and white wires are crossed ? This can happen when the probes are extended with cables having other colors, mixing then the order red-white red-white.
This problem happens also when you connect a probe which has less than 4 wires, and when the bridging is not made.

Depending on the resistance of the cable, the displayed values of the other channels may be shifted by several degrees. Such wrong connection make appear-100°C.

Can we configure a i-MINILide from a computer without having iMINILog license ?


Whenever a i-MINILide is integrated into the local network ( see the network configuration) or plugged directly to the iMINILide in RJ45, then it can be reached from a computer.
The i-MINILide can then be configured from a web browser (Explorer, Mozilla…) You just have to write the iMINILide IP adress in the browser adress bar.

Why mails alarm aren’t sent or received ?

Three things to check :

• Are email addresses correct ?

The i-MINILide can’t know if an address is corrector not. Datalogger doesn’t receive any mail delivery error. It is important to verify that the recipient address is correct.

• Does the iMINILide datalogger have internet access ?
You can check the internet connection via the « Settings » tab at the top right of the main screen of the i-MINILide, click the network button, and then on the Ping Server button.
The message CONNECTION MICROLIDE SERVER OK should appear. It means that the i-MINILide has an internet access.

If the message « Error : No answer » appears, it means there is a network failure or a configuration problem.

• Did you checked your spam folder ?

This is a common problem. So you must consult the specific folder in the mailbox where spam messages are placed.