My i-MINILide is not displayed on my computer via iMINILog

  • Make sure the iMINILide is connected to a fonctional phone jack (Ethernet RJ45).
  • Make sure that the LEDs of the RJ45 jack of the iMINILide are lit. If the LEDs are off, it shows that your outlet is not fonctional. Contact your IT specialist.
  • Make sure that your iMINILide has automatically found an IP address (Config/Network, DHCP must be ticked). If there is in the IP field, then your network doesn’t assign an automatic address. Tick out DHCP and ask your IT specialist to fill in the 4 fields : IP, Netmask, DNS, GateWay.
  • Then check if you can reach your iMINILide from your computer via ping command or via web browser.
  • If the ping-commando doesn’t work, contact your IT specialist and ask him to set up the necessary connections for the iMINILide.

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