Why mails alarm aren’t sent or received ?

Three things to check :

• Are email addresses correct ?

The i-MINILide can’t know if an address is corrector not. Datalogger doesn’t receive any mail delivery error. It is important to verify that the recipient address is correct.

• Does the iMINILide datalogger have internet access ?
You can check the internet connection via the « Settings » tab at the top right of the main screen of the i-MINILide, click the network button, and then on the Ping Server button.
The message CONNECTION MICROLIDE SERVER OK should appear. It means that the i-MINILide has an internet access.

If the message « Error : No answer » appears, it means there is a network failure or a configuration problem.

• Did you checked your spam folder ?

This is a common problem. So you must consult the specific folder in the mailbox where spam messages are placed.

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